Grown-up slumber parties are in. You may have already heard, but in case you missed it, kids don’t get to have all the fun! And guess what? You have a new reason to put your own slumber party on the calendar: the overnight lip mask. Of course, the overnight lip mask is just the start of it. Why not make it a lip care extravaganza? Make it an evening with snacks, drinks, movies, music, and all kinds of lip scrubs and balms—all in your PJs. What else do you need to put together a grown-up slumber party with all kinds of lip care goodies?

Send Out the Invites

As with any party, you don’t want to skip the invites. Sure, you can text or DM your potential partygoers, but why not give it more of a formal twist? It may be a little extra for a slumber party, but with invites, you can remind everyone to bring some lip care goodies for everyone to sample. Plus, it gives your invitees a tangible reminder to RSVP. It’s easy to gloss over text or DM invites—and those invites can get lost in the messages. That and real, paper invites are a lot of fun! Of course, if you want to keep things ultra-casual, you can do that, too. It all depends on how you want to plan it and the people you want to invite.

Pair Refreshments with Lip Care 

No slumber party is complete without proper refreshments. You could theme it around your lip care products, too! Maybe you're bringing a vegan lip mask with birthday cake scent—so you bring on the birthday cake. Who says it has to be your birthday to have birthday cake? Though, really, it could be any kind of cake you want. Or maybe you take it in a very different direction with pink champagne-scented lip care products paired with real pink champagne. Or maybe you lean into a slumber party spa theme with cucumber mint lip care products, cucumber facial products, and your favorite cucumber or mint-inspired drinks and snacks.

It's Time to Party! 

On the night of the slumber party, get things ready with pillows and blankets on the floor. It’s all about creating a cozy, comfy, and welcoming space—a space that reminds you of slumber parties from childhood. Put out all the snacks and drinks and set aside space for all the lip care goodies. It’s the place where everyone can put anything lip care related and a space you can all gather around. Stream some music or a movie light a few candles, and let’s get this party started. You can even give everyone a silicone lip scrubber as a party favor. It’s also something everyone can use to exfoliate their lips. Who knows, maybe this lip care slumber party will become part of a new tradition?

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