Spring isn’t just about longer days and warmer weather. It’s a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It’s a time to flourish. Through acts of self-care, you can feel renewed and rejuvenated, too. As the spring equinox arrives on Monday, March 20, why not immerse yourself in self-care? In other words: What better way to welcome the return of spring than with a self-care party? It’s time to text your besties because the spring equinox self-care party is on! Grab your peach body scrub, body butters, lip care treatments, and find the perfect spot by the pool. Let’s go!

Scrub Away the Winter

Start your self-care party with a scrub! Invite your BFFs to join in on the fun with a scrub of their own. When everyone brings their own sugar body scrub (also made with shea, cocoa, and mango butters, naturally), everyone can surround themselves with all sorts of botanical aromatics. From a summery sweet peach body scrub to a decadent coconut vanilla body scrub, let the aromas tickle your senses and transport you to a hidden paradise known only to you and your BFFs. Scrub after a quick dip in the pool. Or for a deeper, more rejuvenating scrub, exfoliate dry skin, and then rinse under a shower. From there, your skin will start to look and feel more nourished and ready to flourish!

Melt in the Spring Sun 

Continue the spring equinox self-care party with deeply nourishing and moisturizing body butter. Once you’ve exfoliated and scrubbed away winter dullness and dryness, your skin is primed for nourishment and hydration. Body butters made with ultra-nourishing and hydrating ingredients like shea, cocoa, and mango butters may simply melt into your skin as you massage it in. It can be indulgently transformative. Once again, you can let the aromatic botanicals wash over you as your skin starts to feel renewed and rejuvenated. Share different body butters among your crew and experience the blossoming of spring in a way you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

A Kiss of Celestial Decadence

The spring equinox is a day of balance. The day is as long as the night. Two halves meet, if just for a fleeting moment. Bring that kind of balance to your spring equinox self-care party with a lip scrubber treatment. Using a lip scrubber (along with a balm) can help bring balance to your pout. Use a sugar lip scrub (a gentler version of the sugar body scrub) and finish with a lip balm. It’s a simple, yet decadent way you and your BFFs can renew and rejuvenate your lips in celebration of spring. And at the end of it all, as the two halves of your mouth meet, they’ll be so kissably soft, you may feel transcended.

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