Is sugar the answer to dry skin? In a way—yes! Of course, it’s not just sugar alone that can help control the appearance of dry skin. Sugar can be a wonderful exfoliator. It’s coarse enough to help soften the look and feel of dry skin. At the same time, it can be gentle enough to massage over skin without irritation, with some caveats.

Dealing with dry skin isn’t about reaching for a spoonful of sugar. It’s about finding a sugar body scrub with sugar and other nourishing natural ingredients—ingredients that help give back to your skin. That can be the key to revitalizing dry skin. It’s exfoliation, it’s hydration, and it’s giving your skin what it needs to thrive—all in one. Sugar is just the beginning!

Why Simple, Natural Ingredients Matter

Sugar is simple. But when it comes to rejuvenating dry skin, it’s just the starting point. Real, natural sugar can help buff away signs of dry skin, but there are other simple, natural ingredients to look for. These can be ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango seed butter. Hempseed oil is another nourishing ingredient to look for.

These ingredients matter because exfoliating can “take away.” Whenever you exfoliate, you're not just buffing away dry skin and impurities, you can also strip away vital moisture. When you balance a gentle exfoliator like sugar with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, like mango seed butter, you can help restore and protect that vital moisture.

Gentle Exfoliation is the Way to Go

Using a sugar body scrub over other kinds of abrasive or chemical scrubs has all kinds of advantages. For one, a sugar scrub can be gentle, and in a way, you can even control how gentle it is. If you want a deeper, more intense exfoliating experience, use a sugar body scrub before showering or wetting your skin.

Now, if you want a gentler—though still very effective—exfoliating experience, shower first. You might take a shower as normal for a few minutes and then turn off the water to use your sugar body scrub. Another advantage of exfoliating in the shower comes when you use an aromatic sugar scrub, like peach body scrub made with real peach extract flavor oil. The shower can fill with the aroma of peaches (or any scent you love)!

Add a Sugar Body Scrub to Your Routine 

You’ve had one sugar body scrub, but what about second sugar scrub? Keeping skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated is an ongoing process. Adding an exfoliating scrub to your routine is one way to help keep your skin looking refreshed, revitalized, and glowing week after week. And the great thing is you don’t have to use a sugar scrub every day. Twice a week and you're set.

Find a scent you love, whether it’s a peach or coconut body scrub, and get into the groove of exfoliating twice a week. Pick your days and make it a mini spa day. You can follow up your scrub with a body butter made with simple, natural ingredients to give your skin even more goodness!

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