If there’s one skincare product that can be defined as downright delightful, it’s body butter. This creamy, dreamy product is made with all kinds of nourishing, hydrating ingredients, like mango butter and shea butter. It also comes in all kinds of bright and inviting scents, like passion fruit, peppermint, and coconut. Using a coconut body butter after using a coconut body scrub? Talk about sumptuous!

As much as you may love body butter—or maybe you have yet to try it—you may also have a few questions about this kind of skincare product. Well, question no more! Here are a few common questions answered. Can you use body butter every day? Here’s the answer!

Can You Use Body Butter Every Day?

This may be the most common question people have about body butter. Can you use it every day? The short answer is yes. You 100% can use it every day. But you don’t have to. And you might not necessarily want to. Some butters are so nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing, using them twice a week does the trick.

How frequently you reach for your favorite jar of body butter can also depend on your skin type. If you're arms and legs (and everywhere else!) tend to look and feel dried out during the winter, body butter can be your best friend. You can use it like any moisturizer. Or you can simply use it to maintain your natural glow as a once, twice, or thrice a week addition.

How Can You Get More Out of Your Body Butter Experience?

Whether you use body butter every day or once a week, you want to know that you're getting the most out of the product—and the experience. You want to know it’s giving your skin the nourishment and hydration it needs. While you can use this product however you like, there are a few things you can do to really “supercharge” your body butter.

Use it after exfoliating. If you use a coconut body scrub once or twice a week, following that up with a coconut body butter can be the ideal experience. Applying butter (in any scent!) after an exfoliation session and warm shower is prime body butter time. Your skin is extra receptive and ready for nourishment, hydration, and moisturization! Of course, you can use it after a bath, too. After you’ve soaked in a warm tub with natural bath bombs, your skin is also receptive and ready.

What Ingredients Should You Look for? 

There are a lot of different body butters out there, which means a lot of ingredient possibilities. More people are looking for simpler, natural ingredients when it comes to their skincare. You may have looked at the back of just about any skincare product and noticed a long list of ingredients.

That isn’t to say a long list of ingredients is bad. But why not focus on simplicity? Ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, hemp seed oil, aloe, cucumber fruit extract, and vitamin C are just a few ingredients that bring a lot to the table. They’re nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing. They can leave your skin feeling and looking fantastic. And that’s what you want out of a body butter.

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