We all have a bestie who pours their energy into everything they do. They push themselves and then push some more. It can be inspiring. But you also know they could use some TLC in their day—a chance to pause and recharge. If your BFF’s birthday is on the way, now’s the perfect time to give the gift of relaxation and self-care. From natural bath bombs to scrubs to body butters, there are all kinds of self-care products that can give your bestie more ways to feel recharged and reinvigorated. As you think of ways to make their next b-day all the more special, here are a few ideas that put self-care front and center.

Natural Bath Bombs Let You Hit Pause on the Day 

There’s a reason why natural bath bombs get the first mention. Bath bombs made with simple, natural ingredients—like shea butter, kaolin clay, and Epsom salt—can be great for skin. At the same time, they can be aromatherapeutic thanks to the addition of select botanical oils. But bath bombs really shine when we use them. They require us to hit pause on the day. This is what makes them such a great b-day gift for your BFF who is always pushing themselves. After running a hot bath, all they do is drop the natural bath bomb in the tub and let it fizz. When they’re immersed in the water and the aromas are floating in the steamy wisps of air, that’s when the gift is truly unwrapped.

Body and Lip Scrubs Reinvigorate the Senses 

There’s something invigorating about body and lip scrubs. When they’re made with real sugar, they can gently exfoliate, helping remove dry and dead skin. When they’re also made with restorative ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, they can help infuse skin with hydration and nourishment. For those reasons alone, body and lip scrubs can be the perfect BFF b-day gifts. But you know there’s another reason. Scrubs can be meditative. And sugar scrubs with natural botanical and flavor oils can also have an aromatherapeutic quality to them. When you combine all these attributes, you can end up with a recharging and reinvigorating experience. For anyone who pours themselves into all they do, body and lip scrubs can be the gifts that keep on giving.

Body Butters Leave Skin Feeling Lush 

Exfoliating with a body scrub can be reinvigorating, but no body scrub is complete without a body butter! They’re a lot like you and your bestie. Sure, you work great independently, but when you're together, that’s when things really pop off. Body butters made with ingredients like shea, cocoa, and mango butters can leave skin looking and feeling lush. And you better believe the addition of botanical oils adds an element of aromatherapy to the mix. Body butters can be both relaxing and reinvigorating. They’re restorative and give back to our skin and senses. And they’re immensely giftable.

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