There are countless reasons to give your skin a little extra love. From your birthday to Valentine’s Day—and all those other days sprinkled throughout the year—the calendar is a source of all kinds of special occasions. Though Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, the sentiment of love is still very much in the air. And the sentiment of love is something you can share with your skin. Maybe it’s a special day. Maybe it’s just Thursday. It doesn’t matter. Your skin deserves a little love. It deserves to be nourished, hydrated, and revitalized. Reach for some peach body scrub and body butter. Here are a few more scintillating ways you can give your skin some love.

Bath Bombs 

When you think of bath bombs, you might not necessarily think of skincare. You might, instead, think of the scintillating aromatics bath bombs are known for. When you walk into a store with bath bomb displays, the swirl of scent guides you to their wonderland. However, natural bath bombs can deliver delight when it comes to skincare. It all comes down to the ingredients. Most bath bombs contain Epsom salt, which can leave you with softer skin. But some bath bombs contain shea butter, which can hydrate your skin. When you want to give your skin some love, shea butter is a treat your skin can’t get enough of.

Scrubs, From Head to Toe 

Revitalizing your skin is one of the best ways you can show it some love. And what better way to revitalize skin than with a sugar scrub. You can get sugar scrubs for your lips and body. Sugar scrubs can be gentle yet effective at transforming dry skin into … revitalized skin! Sugar body scrubs can be great additions to your weekly routine, or you can use them whenever you're hit with a bug of inspiration. Or you can use them when you notice your arms and legs look a bit dry. And you can do the same when your lips look chapped. Just reach for a lovely lip balm in your favorite scent. Or you could use a lip scrubber before applying balm for extra luscious love.

Body Butter 

There’s nothing like capping off a luscious lip scrub with a scintillating lip balm. But what about capping off a scintillating sugar body scrub? The answer is body butter! In the past, you may have held off on body butter because it left your skin feeling a bit oily. However, results can really come down to ingredients. After you’ve taken a warm shower and used an exfoliating sugar scrub, your skin is eager to absorb all kinds of nourishing and hydrating goodness, like shea, cocoa, and mango butters. It doesn’t take long for these plant-based ingredients to sink in, leaving behind soft, luscious skin. And a little can go a long way, too! Between bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and body butter, there are a lot of ways you can love your skin.

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Since the earliest days of 2010, NCLA Beauty has been about bringing you clean, feel-good beauty products made to make a difference in your day. NCLA’s ranges are colorful, exciting, and enticing to the senses. They uplift and take you on a well-deserved journey of self-care every time you use them. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free, too! Yes, everything from their fruity peach body scrub to the luscious mango body butter is vegan and cruelty-free. And, if you want glamorous, photo-ready nail polish vegan and cruelty-free, NCLA Beauty has you covered there, too. When you want to treat yourself to a little TLC, grab your favorite aromatic natural bath bombs, lip scrubs, and body butter from NCLA Beauty.

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