You’ve probably heard about how important it is to get your “beauty sleep.” Your body needs rest to look and feel rejuvenated. That’s what gives your skin that beautiful glow. While sleep is crucial, a relaxing and luxurious evening body care routine is a surefire way to support a night of rest. Plus, it can leave you smelling totally delicious. Before diving into bed at the end of the day, use some body care products like peach body scrub for the ultimate evening body care session to promote a night of beauty sleep.

Luscious Bath Bombs for a Bath at Dusk

A bath is a classic form of self-care. If there’s a bath in your home and you have time for one, make the most of it and toss in a bath bomb. Natural bath bombs with Epsom salt, kaolin clay, and shea butter will leave your skin feeling ultra-soft and smelling delicious. Choose natural bath bombs that get their delightful scents from essential oils or an essential oil blend to ensure your beauty sleep preparations stay as clean as possible.

Skin-Smoothing Body Scrub for an Evening of Self-Care

Whether you take a bath or hop in the shower, you can smooth away rough skin with a sugar-based body scrub. Sugar-based scrubs are super gentle but still deliver the softening benefits of a body scrub, and a delicious-smelling peach or vanilla coconut body scrub will have you craving your beauty sleep routine every night. While you’ll probably only use your body scrub once a week, it supports a whole week of body beauty sleep.

Nourishing Body Butter for a Silky Sundown

Applying a product with moisturizing ingredients is a must for your body (especially after using a body scrub). Glaze your skin in a layer of oils and natural butters like shea and mango in the form of a rich body butter. The velvety texture of the body butter’s ingredients is thick enough to keep your skin looking moisturized without feeling heavy or oily—perfect for a night snuggled in satin or, hey, even cotton sheets.

A Lavish Lip Mask for the Perfect Midnight Pout

The ultimate beauty sleep routine isn’t complete without a beauty sleep mask, like a lip mask. Nourishing, feel-good ingredients like coconut oil, safflower seed oil, shea, and vitamin E, go on thicker than a basic lip balm without feeling greasy. You can reserve your lip balm for the daytime and apply a lip mask before the lights go out for a smooth-as-silk midnight pout that’s still there when the sun comes up.

Beauty sleep is essential to maintaining soft and smooth-looking skin, but there’s nothing like an evening body care routine to support your beauty sleep. When you want to unwind at the end of the day with body care products like natural bath bombs, body butter, and a lip mask, use nourishing formulas that give your skin what it needs to feel its best. Oh, and make sure they smell delicious—there’s nothing quite like a bedtime treat for your skin.

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